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2 Property Added To Investment Portfolio

2 Property Added To Investment Portfolio 📈

Ivan approached Adrian in 2018 when he wanted to upgrade to a bigger property for his family. However, he was struggling to sell his property that was bought in 2012, when real estate was at its peak. His neighbor is selling at break-even or a loss during the exit. He has tried to put it in the market by other agents for 6 months and nothing firm up. Ivan was desperate.  

After consulting with Adrian, based on Ivan’s portfolio, he was recommended to keep the property and sell it only when the market recover. Since it is under sole ownership, he sold the property to his spouse. This allows him to exit his name from the property, and purchase a new launch condominium at a low entry price. They are now able to own two properties and will definitely see a higher return when the property market rises. Now, they have the ability to lease the property out to gain passive income.

I’m excited that they are a proud owner of 2 properties and are ready to let their money work hard for their retirement.

Early Stage Of Speeding Asset Progression

Early Stage Of Speeding Asset Progression 👦

Mr. Edwin approached Adrian for advice on whether he should proceed to get a BTO HDB with his fiancée. After consultation with Adrian, they soon realize that they are able to explore private properties. They can loan almost double due to TDSR vs MSR. This allows them to purchase a cozy private property and enjoy the lifestyle while their property appreciates faster. When their family expands in the next 3-5 years, they can consider cashing out their profit and upgrading to a bigger space. This will not be possible if they opt for HDB as the HDB construction is normally 2-3 years with a minimum occupational period of 5 years. Translating to an 8 years lockdown before they can do an upgrade. This will lower their loan tenure, which will also increase their monthly installment.

I am delighted that they are a proud owner of private property at such a young age and even on a faster asset progression journey.

Planning & Deep Analysis With Adrian Teng

Planning & Deep Analysis With Adrian Teng 📅

A couple approached Adrian to review private resale in the Marine Parade area. Initially, they want something that is:  

✅ Ready to move-in condition 
✅ Low psf
✅ Good size

They do not want to consider a new launch condominium due to the high psf and smaller spaces. We proceed to view almost all the resale units in D15 and realize that a lot of sellers are asking for prices that bank valuation cannot be met. After a deep analysis, it showed that a lot of resale owners entered at a high entry price. Thus, they have to sell much higher. Bank does not recognize the valuation as there are no supporting transactions. We also realized that a lot of First Owner that bought from developers is actually the one that enjoys the most profit.  

My buyer is in their prime 30s and they want a property that they can exit in the next 5-8 years with a good profit margin and do not wish to be stuck in a situation where they can’t sell. After considering the risk and prices, they have finally penned down a 3 bedroom and are looking forward to moving in next year.

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